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Glass jars 350 g


Almond paste is produced by grinding raw almond nuts, which retains to maximum extent the valuable qualities of almonds. The benefits of these nuts are primarily associated with high contents of vitamin E. This vitamin is one of the most important antioxidants, which protects the cells from premature aging and the body from free radicals.

In almonds are concentrated also B vitamins, without which the human body cannot function properly.
The benefits of eating almonds by peoples with kidney problems are essential, helping for easier separation of grits. They normalize the liver and spleen and purify the blood, acting as natural analgesic. Regular and regulated intake of almonds enhances the brain activity, reduces stress and cures insomnia. Their use in cooking is widely spread.

It is well known that their eating in raw state is recommended. A unique confection of almonds is the marzipan, produced from a finely ground almond paste to which is added powdered sugar. The almond paste (also known as almond marzipan) is suitable for frosting of cakes or formed as candy.