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Sesame oil


Glass bottle 250 ml / 500 ml (6 pcs/set)
Nutrition facts /14 g/:
Calories 120 Kcal
Total fat 14 g
Fatty acids 2 g
Cholesterol 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Proteins 0 g
Essential fatty acids
Omega 6 6 g
Omega 9 6 g

Description of the product:

Sesame oil, cold-pressed and unrefined has a very soft, distinctive taste and smell. Made by pressing of hulled sesame seeds following by fine filtration.

It is reach in essential fatty acids vitamin E, lecithin, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous.


The cold-pressed sesame oil contains substances that strongly slow down the cell aging, protects the human body from atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc. The sesame seed oil can be used for the preparation of herbal extracts or as essential oils solvent. Ideal massage oil. Due to its content of lecithin, it improves the brain cells condition. It is recommended against depression and fatigue, as well as for body strengthening. A simple and effective means against insomnia applied by heels massaging before bedtime. It is widespread in the Eastern medicine Ayurveda for massaging to extract toxins through gargling, as nasal drops and for many other applications. It has a long durability due to its high antioxidant properties which do not turn rancid. It can be used to enhance the flavor of vegetables, fish, rice, etc. immediately before serving food.

Proposal for use:  Chicken with sesame and lemon.