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Sesame oil


Glass bottle 100 ml

Description of the product:

Sesame seed oil is known for 5000 years in Far East and since then it is used for medical and cosmetic aims. It delays aging of cells. It has wonderful effect to dry, wrinkled, aging and peeling skin. In external use and massaging sesame seed oil may notable improve skin’s look. It helps wound healing of burns and other skin irritations. Oil of sesame seeds may be used for making herbs infusions or like vehicle of essential oils. It is the perfect massage oil. By reason of contain of lecithin it helps to brain cells. It is recommended against depression and tiredness. It is simple and efficient remedy against insomnia, applied like feet and legs massage before sleep. Outwardly, in the form of nasal drops, it has soothing and draining properties in cold with hard and scanty secretions and dry catarrh of the nose.

Sesame oil is one of the few natural products that can absorb ultraviolet rays, and therefore is widely used in the sunscreen cosmetics. It has a natural SPF 4.

Contains vitamin E, lecithin, methionine, minerals, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Due to its high antioxidant properties it has a very long shelf life.