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Walnut oil


Glass bottle 100 ml (5 pcs/ set)

Description of the product:

Walnut oil is obtained by cold pressing of walnut kernels following by fine filtration, which guarantees their high quality and healthy effect. It is rich in vitamin A and E, which have a favorable effect on eye-sight.

It contains essential fatty acids which can not be synthesized in the human body and they are imported by food and have important role in fat metabolism. These acids improve nutritional value of eaten foods. Huge containing of unsaturated fatty acids is one of the most important advantages of walnut oil, as it proved that these acids prevent advent and development of atherosclerosis. It is good antioxidant. It sustains the normal function of the organism, delays aging and prevents from atherosclerosis and cardio vascular diseases. Taking of three table spoons of walnut oil has anhelminthic action.

It is delicatessen oil for salads, soups, fishes, meat and sauces for all kind of paste.