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Balcho Agro Product LTD

BALCHO AGRO PRODUCT LTD produces a wide variety of natural vegetable products without any preservatives, coloring agents and other injurious to the human health. We select high quality and analyzed raw materials with relevant certificates for quality and suitability. GMO free raw materials.
Our products meet the standards of Bulgarian and European law.

There are integrated quality control and safety systems HACCP and GMP.
We, from BALCHO AGRO PRODUCT LTD, follow the healthy foods market trends and try to satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers. We constantly diversify the range of our products and incorporate new machinery and technology in order to improve the product quality and to facilitate the production process.

No chemicals, colors, preservatives, flavors

High quality and analized raw materials

Integrated quality control systems

Company history


Production of cold-pressed oils started as a hobby of the company owner in 1998. Initially was used only one machine for cold extract, which was located in the backyard of the owner’s house. Gradually, the increased market needs imposed the purchasing of a new building and new equipment and machinery was implemented.


In 2002, the company purchased and renovated a building in the city of Pazardzhik, which was registered as “Factory for nuts and seeds processing and production of cold-pressed vegetable oils.” It is equipped with machines for cold-pressed oils and nut pastes production and a stone mill for flour production. The factory personnel of about 25 workers came from the city surroundings. The building was repaired and put into operation in accordance with the hygiene requirements of Regulation 5 of the Ministry of Health.


In 2004, BALCHO AGRO PRODUCT LTD purchased and renovated a building in the town of Loznitsa /Razgrad Municipality/. There was registered a “Workshop for processing and production of nuts and seeds.” The main activity of this factory is the production of peeled sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnut kernels. A brand new sorting line operates in the workshop since 2010. The production is designated mainly for export to the European Union and Mexico. During the campaign, the company hired around 30 people from the region with a high unemployment rate.


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Factory “Loznitsa”

Factory “Ognyanovo”

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